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One Hundred and Thirty-Five!

Another day another image, as usual I started painting this morning and even though I did not work until 2:30 I was nearly late because I got involved in both this and two other images which are not yet completed. The image never got the depth I was looking for but I honestly got a bit tired of working on this image. It was one of the first ones I had drawn something in pencil first (well in a long time) and I guess I felt restricted. Anyway, Enjoy and see you next time!

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One Hundred and Thirty-Four!

Last of today’s images. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be just as productive. Some of you who have been following the blog may know that one I have open studios this weekend and I am trying to keep producing and two I fell behind on the blog and I am trying to catch up right now… Wonder if I can do it! Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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One Hundred and Thirty-Two!

This was another result of listening to the Hunger Games Soundtrack. Also, I would like to remind everyone that this coming weekend is Hull Open Studios, for more information please follow the link. Hull Artists Studio Connection Open Studio Tour Enjoy.

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One Hundred and Thirty-One

 Today I seemed a bit inspired and it was by a movie soundtrack… Yes it was all instrumental. The Hunger Games Soundtrack by James Newton Howard. OMG, I love it. I finally finished the books about a month ago, which one I began reading, were finished in about 2 weeks. I particularly like Rue’s Farewell and Tenuous Winners/Return Home. They both have a similar section and it is such a strong piece of music. Anyway, all I am saying is that I was inspired by a bit of music and it allowed me to create a few pieces today. The image is all watercolor. Enjoy and see you next time!

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One Hundred and Thirty!

I kinda of love how subtle this was before I added the dark marks in the center. I don’t mind the center but it actually felt more complete without it. Odd how that happens sometime. Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!

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One Hundred and Twenty-Nine!

The image developed from a solid graphite wash. Its always fun to look into a mass of the same color and find shape and dimension and from there create a space or place. I know these images are not quite as developed as previous images but honestly I need to get some of these out of my system. They are typically a lot less stressful. Enjoy and see you next time!

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One Hundred and Twenty-Seven!

Had a good morning, I was able to get a few images I had started complete and hopefully close that gap I created over the last month or so. I have been so distracted with books this summer its as if I have summer reading except that I have been enjoying them. If anyone is looking for a good read I totally recommend reading The Night Circus. I was obsessed with this book. The image is all watercolor. I have a few images that seem to have a central focus area and things grow from that point. Enjoy see you next time!

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Another Batch… 121-126

Day One Hundred and Twenty-One

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Two

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Three

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Four

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Five

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Six

these are all the images from the past week, a combination of  watercolor, graphite and charcoal. All started the same day and were finished when I decided they were. They were being “built” one might say, layer upon layer. I enjoy seeing all of the different levels. The residue of past thoughts or ideas. Enjoy and I will see you next time.

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