Two Hundred Seventy-Two!

photo 4

This was an image I finished last night. My heads been crazy recently so I decided to dive into a piece and not stop until I felt it was done. I started Friday night with a basic wash on the paper. I had been cleaning my cubicle at work and saw my notes page and thought it was actually very inspiring. It was lists and doodles which I then worked over with white out and highlighted or scratched out the remaining items on the page. I know it was never meant to be anything but it really flipped a switch in my head. It was like documentation but then the need to hide the information. On Friday night I worked on this image for ages just working off the last line I laid down. In the morning I continued going back in with Gesso to hide some items I felt did not work. By Sunday night I was done. I couldn’t see anywhere I needed to work on. I’ve already moved onto the second piece….. Enjoy and see you next time.

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One thought on “Two Hundred Seventy-Two!

  1. Barbara Johnson says:

    Hi Calla, Thought your sketch was nice, but really spent a lot of time studying this piece – found it really pulling me in – so interesting that what I see maybe isn’t really there at all or not what you intended it to be or look like! I see stones, leaves, branches, a pinecone, toes, and what I enjoy considering to be an arm embracing part of your piece. Your cursive script makes me wish I could read all of your notes – awesome – I really like this piece! 🙂

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