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Two Hundred Seven

photo 1

photo 2

These next few posts are all interrelated but I’ll explain show that eventually. Regardless this is a new project I started and seem to be thoroughly enjoying the making of. It is a bit of mix and matching elements and mediums and responding to what was laid down on the paper first. Enjoy!

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One Hundred and Forty-One!

This was the initial image that began the obsession with that pod shape. Really it is just some fruit thing on a tree in my front yard, but it is not a life-like representation. I loved the way this image developed, it was totally organic. Literally just sprouting new elements as if grew. Pretty exciting. What will the next version look like??? Enjoy!

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Day Twelve

Better late then never, It’s 11pm and I’m sitting on my floor writing this post because the computer is super dead and I am way to tired to wait to post so here I am sitting next to the only open outlet I can access in my room. I tried to get some work done this morning but I ended up going to work at 9:15 and things just didn’t work out before hand. After work, which I will add was super, I came home and went for a rather enjoyable run considering running sometimes makes me want to punch completely innocent bi-standards. Once I was home, for good, I picked up where I had left off this morning and continued. Not my best but I got into it at the end when I started building off the central image. I still think the green form is my favorite aspect, but the loosely drawn circles were the most liberating. After working for the entire day sometimes it is nice to just let go! who knows maybe I’ll go crazy and use charcoal tomorrow! I’ll see you tomorrow.

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So I am starting out with words today which is rare, but I feel that you all need a bit of fair warning about the following images. There is nothing x rated about them or anything it’s just like my mind exploded on the page. As a good friend always says to me “You have to work out the ugly” and well today was an ugly mod podge kind of day. I had this brilliant idea but I think what threw me off to begin with was the initial shape. It really bothered me, it was kinda symmetrical which is like my nightmare and very central on the page. Needless to say I attacked it after I got to a certain point and just started throwing stuff onto the page. It’s a good learning process I guess. It is still very early in the day and I may just start something else, but for now this is my post. Enjoy and beware!

Thanks for taking a peek!

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Today is a busy day, so I woke up at 7:00 to start working on an image. This was how far I got with it in the time slot I had available. Honestly I really like the image I’ve been enjoying these collages of shapes that I have been working on. Next I want to expand my shapes so I might try to do some sketching this weekend and focus on broadening my marks. Plus, its Easter weekend and I won’t really have a nice place to paint. Drawing in the sketch book it is then! See you tomorrow!

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