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Two Hundred Fourteen and a few extras

photo 5

photo 4

This is a basic under painting for  two hundred and fourteen, obviously I don’t think this looks very good but once I enhance it there is potential! Anyway, just thought I give you a glimpse at my work in progress.photo 2

photo 3 
These two images above are from previous days but I went back and worked the pages a bit more. Primarily on the upper right corner and top of the age. I needed it to be more complete.  Enjoy and see you next time.

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Two Hundred Thirteen!

photo 3

photo 1

Another day another page, I love thinking of this project like that. I never really know what I am going to do but I start layering elements and tossing color onto the page and whalla, I’ve got something to work with. The burst images were actually a pre-sketch for a print I did at one point while studying at Umass Boston. Enjoy and I’ll see you next time.

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Two Hundred Ten

photo 1

photo 2

Alrighty another day another page, maybe your already catching onto that aspect of the last few posts but I’m loving this, Not only is it so much fun to rework past thoughts and ideas the blending of each page makes for an interesting Segway. Enjoy, lets turn the page.

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Day Ninety-Four!

These are a bunch of images I am touching up to part of a bigger project I am working on. These when finished will be a few of the pages of my book. I loved being able to take the sketches I drew in my journal and transfer them into something more “important” or official. Just a quick reminder, HULL OPEN STUDIOS this Sunday from 10-5.  Stop by and say hello I would love the chance to get to talk to people in person about the works.  Anyway, enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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