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3″ x 3″ Weekend Painting Adventures Continues

3" x 3" Image 8

© 2015 Calla Grace Fogarty

Another attempt to explore color and loosen up the brush strokes. I’m a big fan of the vibrant colors but the image as a whole is still undecided. Not entirely sure what this is. Its like I wrapped an Easter egg in fabric and set it against a natural backdrop. Who knows maybe my inner mind is telling me that I want eggs for breakfast or maybe not.

Enjoy and see you next time.

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Three Hundred and Three!

Highlighting stuff is such a fascination. It probably falls more to the accent of neon color but either way I love it! This image is far from a finished piece but like I mentioned in the challenge revision, I do not have time to get caught up in one image. I like the combination of structural and abstract, in particular the hive-like shape. Enjoy and see you next time.


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Two Hundred and Ninety-Nine!

This image is so long! Well not really if we were to discuss the height but in relation to its width. This was a watercolor study done to work on color and shape development. It was a very loose and carefree piece which was nice as it allowed me to work very naturally. Enjoy and see you next time!


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Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight!

Love my little critters. I need to practice with these characters more often though. This was never intended to be an image with a mouse but instead a study of shape. When the mouse developed I ran with it but there were a number of images that came off the same sheet of paper that did focus on shape development and my use of watercolor. Those will be posted once they are complete. Enjoy and see you next time!


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Two Hundred and Ninety-Six!

These snow storms have forced my weekends to get divided into two categories; shoveling and painting. Alright, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but still I have had the opportunity to get some image done. The image below was absolutely not meant to be anything more than a sketch. I literally drew while making dinner hence the integration of cabbage and fry like shapes. Enjoy and see you next time.





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Well another year has arrived…

OK, first off I would like to say that I feel like a slacker. I have not painted or drawn in months (other than the quick doodle on a notepad) and all I can really put it down to is mental state of mind. I have thought about picking up a pencil or paintbrush and just putting some marks on paper but then I always get discouraged. I couldn’t necessarily tell you why but I am done with that and it’s time to move on.

Yesterday on my drive home I decided this was going to be the final year of this actual challenge. Almost 3 years ago I started this challenge with the original goal of completing 365 drawings in one year starting on April 2nd 2012. Now it’s February 6th of 2015 and I have exactly 55 days to complete the remaining 79 images. I think it will be tough but as my husband pointed out it all depends to what degree of finished I expect them to be. I mean there were many images over the past 286 that took 5 days to complete.

So, what I propose is this. 79 drawings over the next 55 days. That’s about 1.5 drawings a day. When all is said and done that would mean 365 drawings over 3 years, which when you think about it is a drawing every 3 days, sounds pretty good actually.

Now I am not saying that when I complete this task I will put away my paint brush or burn all my remaining paper. That is not my intent at all. Basically I will just move onto the next project. For years I have thought of using all of these images as a starting point for a more finished body of work but would not allow myself to really go there until the first project was complete. That day is quickly approaching, let’s hope I can make it. This will be a sprint to the finish line!

As always thanks for dropping by and I hope you will visit again.

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