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Well another year has arrived…

OK, first off I would like to say that I feel like a slacker. I have not painted or drawn in months (other than the quick doodle on a notepad) and all I can really put it down to is mental state of mind. I have thought about picking up a pencil or paintbrush and just putting some marks on paper but then I always get discouraged. I couldn’t necessarily tell you why but I am done with that and it’s time to move on.

Yesterday on my drive home I decided this was going to be the final year of this actual challenge. Almost 3 years ago I started this challenge with the original goal of completing 365 drawings in one year starting on April 2nd 2012. Now it’s February 6th of 2015 and I have exactly 55 days to complete the remaining 79 images. I think it will be tough but as my husband pointed out it all depends to what degree of finished I expect them to be. I mean there were many images over the past 286 that took 5 days to complete.

So, what I propose is this. 79 drawings over the next 55 days. That’s about 1.5 drawings a day. When all is said and done that would mean 365 drawings over 3 years, which when you think about it is a drawing every 3 days, sounds pretty good actually.

Now I am not saying that when I complete this task I will put away my paint brush or burn all my remaining paper. That is not my intent at all. Basically I will just move onto the next project. For years I have thought of using all of these images as a starting point for a more finished body of work but would not allow myself to really go there until the first project was complete. That day is quickly approaching, let’s hope I can make it. This will be a sprint to the finish line!

As always thanks for dropping by and I hope you will visit again.

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