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Two Hundred Fifty-Nine!

This is a cropped portion of an image I recently made.


I apologize for not showing the whole image, but unfortunately I’m not ready to. Call me crazy but I am still working on figuring out the rights to my images and throwing copyrights on them. I never really had to worry about it but now I feel more open to these kinds of problems. Regardless I love sharing with everyone and hearing the feedback or seeing that people respond well to the image.

I feel like this gang of animals are going on a trip in their green umbrella to some new adventure and all the time the sly fox is appearing to have questionable motives. So much for a cute and fuzzy story! Enjoy and see you next time.

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Two Hundred Forty-Five!


On a completely different note, I started painting these guys one day just kind of out of the blue. You will see if the next few posts that I have been on an animal kick but this really set it off. I want to fill the space but currently this is what I have on this piece and thought I would share.


This little guy might be my favorite, he is so simple and yet captures everything I wanted him too. I really enjoy the texture and color shift in the fur. Anyway, look for the other animals too come and let me know what you think! Enjoy.

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One Hundred Seventy-Three to Seventy-Six!

Greeting Cards were the project of the last few nights… Finding the most perfect image tweaking it to be perfect, hand carving the stamps and then the easy part, printing. Currently, I’m in the “assembly” phase which as we all know is not exactly the most exciting but packaging is ridiculously important and it needs to look good. Enjoy and see you next time!

The whole gang!

Yoga time? Yup!

One Hundred Seventy-Three


Inside Message: Happy Birthday!

One Hundred Seventy-Four

Yoga Time…

One Hundred Seventy-Five

Tree Pose.

(I know this is not “exactly” tree pose but lets not get technical!)

One Hundred Seventy-Six

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