Time for a Change….

As some of you may have noticed, I have been “slacking” in the posting department and I have decided to let this blog evolve the way it best suits me. Trying to complete an image that meets my own standards (rather than the ones I had originally formed for this blog) as well as post it has become somewhat difficult. This blog was supposed to help keep me inspired and work towards developing new bodies of work. So this is my newest proposal….

I will be aiming to post twice a week, probably having mass production days where I can commit larger amounts of time to work on images. I still have all intentions of completing 365 images within the year, but the posting will be less regulated. The reality is that not every day I have it in me to draw and post and I tend to work best when I can work on multiples at the same time.

I apologize for having to change the blog, it almost feels like I have failed at my own challenge, but I needed to let it evolve to work best for my needs. I hope that you continue to enjoy the images that are created, I truly appreciate getting feedback and responses to each piece. It is the closest to a review that I have since college. Enjoy and I will see you next time!

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