Day Seventy-Six!

Today was a bit of an experiment with layering. I went to the Cohasset Art Fair today which opened at 2pm and went through the tent to look at all the artwork. This was the show I had tried to get into. I actually think that my pricing may have been too high for a lot of the show, seems like if you don’t have a name for yourself you works should not cost over $600 and all of mine did. Oh well you live and learn. I did see one really interesting mixed media piece which inspired me to cut up the paper (which has absolutely no significance to me, it was a Citibank credit card brochure). Also, while I was there I ran into an old friend, Mr. Rodger Tirrell, who most of my friends know as our art teacher from High School. It is always such a pleasure to chat with him. Anyway, as I said before this was just an experiment and far from a completed piece. Anyway, Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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