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Two Hundred and Sixty!


Another Day, another image…

I did a few of these random shape based images because I didn’t feel like thinking anymore.  January has been a very good month for me and I have been able to meet a lot of my monthly goals but in doing this I’m exhausted. The last two nights I was not capable of thinking while painting too. I wouldn’t automatically assume one needs to think the entire time they paint because some of what you do is just a natural reaction to the image developing in front of you but when I work on images that are representational I cannot help but be overly concerned with how recognizable the items are within the image.


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Two Hundred Fifty-Seven!


Abstract color wash exercise. I needed to clear my head and start mass producing. Do not be surprised if you suddenly see an increase in images being posted. I am on a mission to finish this challenge by the two-year mark! What I find most entertaining about this type of image making is that it always starts completely unorganized and as it develops I try to pull the image from what I’ve already laid down. It is such a different type of working method from all of the recent animal images which have to be planned even prior to laying the first mark on the paper. Enjoy.

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