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Three Hundred And Forty-One! 

This was loosely based on a self-portrait I took weeks ago. I had wrapped up for the winter weather and loved the way my eyes looked peering through all the layers. As my mother pointed out, it has references topics which make people uneasy but I think/hope people can look past that. I tried to dive into the patterning and line work. There is something I really enjoy about the version which contains watercolor. It feels so different from anything I have done before. Enjoy and see you next time.



Cropped version of clean print



full version with watercolor

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Two Hundred Thirty One

So I guess I was inspired by last nights image so I thought I would continue with the idea although tonight felt rushed. The images below are another image based off of a piece of piled fabric and then amplified. I enjoyed the process but I think the composition of this image bothers be a bit. It almost seems somewhat symmetrical in its outer shape which I can promise you is never my intent! Symmetry makes me crazy. Well there is always tomorrow night! Enjoy and see you next time.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

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