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Two Hundred Fifty-Five!


Meet Buddy, the most perfect Chocolate lab in the whole wide world. He isn’t my dog but everytime I get to see him he brightens up my day. As I mentioned with the image of Tayto, I need to build my library of images of dogs. I love working on images of animals but I will say I still struggle with perspective and depth within the image. Regardless it is all a learning process. Enjoy and see you next time!


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Two Hundred Fifty-Three!


Its Tayto! Recently I was approached by a few people who were looking to have images of their dogs made into art pieces. Now granted it’s just a portrait but I need to start building a┬álibrary of images to show these potential customers. On that note, I decided to draw Tayto yawning. It is one of my favorite images of him. Anyway Enjoy and see you next time.

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