One Hundred Eighty-Three through Eighty-Eight!

Well it has been quite some time, but here are a few images that I have been working on. I have some serious catching up to do but it will all work out. Seems as if I am starting to get back into a routine which was key in my success in the beginning. The images below are literally a random assortment of thoughts, ideas, mediums and projects. They really don’t have much to do with one another but who says they have to!

photo 1

One Hundred Eighty-Three, one of the first tries at the tattoo layout.

photo 3

One Hundred Eight-Four, a more complete rendition of the tattoo idea

photo 1

One hundred eighty-five, this came after I had been working on a few different tattoo images for my husband and well his birthday just happened to stroll along, so I decided to theme his card after some of the ideas. Minus the color of course, that was just me coloring!

photo 4

One Hundred Eighty-Six, completely unrelated to the above images and completely not near finished. This is the first element on a new larger scale piece. Truthfully, it has not even been brought to its final degree of contrast and depth but it shows something I have been working on.

photo 2

One Hundred Eighty-Seven, in my attempts to get back into drawing, I have been just sitting with basic drawing materials and building imagery. They really are not even connected quite yet, but maybe as the image develops further they will begin to integrate a bit better

photo 3

One Hundred Eighty-Eight, I love this. I did not work it far enough yet but I was out walking the dogs at night and looking into the woods and loved how things overlapped and intertwined themselves together. I may be revisiting this idea very soon!

Enjoy and I’ll see you next time!

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One thought on “One Hundred Eighty-Three through Eighty-Eight!

  1. Great!! cool pics!!!

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