Day Thirty-nine

When I got home from the studio I didn’t really feel like taking a serious attempt at anything today so I just started painting in acrylics (which I am not very comfortable with) and this is what I came up with. It was very enjoyable after a long day and it really just developed, I never set out with an image in mind. I rearranged my working area, because although the kitchen table has been treating me well over the past few weeks I was dying to work in an area that felt like a studio and not a cluster fluff. SO the basement got completely rearranged and before you go “BASEMENT?” it’s not too bad. I mean the lighting is horrible but I work primarily at night anyway so no matter what it isn’t exactly great. What was nice was busting out some of the old mixes on my old school Ipod (which oddly enough is still alive). There were some good inspirational tunes on there here are just a few. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Don’t Go away Oasis

Guster- All the Way up to Heaven

Coldplay- Rush of blood to the head

Daydream believe Monkees

Great Big Sea-Everything Shines

Cannonball- Damian Rice

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