The First Entry

Welcome to 365 Days 1 Year. If you haven’t read the “about this blog” section then let me recap what this blog is about.

In May of 2011 I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art with a degree in printmaking and at first everything seemed all good and dandy, but quickly I realized how hard it would be to continue my current artistic pace in my “grown up” world. After Graduation I was promoted to Assistant Manager at my job and was accepted as a member of EES  (experimental Etching Studio) in Hyde Park. Being accepted as a member was such a huge step for me and I was beyond thrilled! In the Fall I was asked to TA an Etching class at Mass Art for a former teacher (Nona Hershey) which was a wonderful experience.

Soon after all the good news reality started to jump in. My loans came out of deferment, I was working every moment and commuting over 10 hours and I still wasn’t making ends meet. The printshop had become a foreign location to me and my drawing materials were collecting dust. This was only 7 months out  from my graduation in December. Life seemed to be moving in a direction that I just wasn’t excited about and I felt as if I were losing myself.

I decided it was time to make a change.

A change was a much harder task then I had imagined. I started to learn how to airbrush and was working at my husbands shop once a week, which felt great at first but limited due to only accessing it once a week. I started focusing on me and trying to give myself some time to just think about what I wanted… and I think I’ve figured it out.

Since that time I have moved on from Assistant Manager and was hired into a new position that is much closer to home as well as a place I can work hard and leave it there when my shift ends. Since the whole idea is to find myself in this I decided to start this blog as a way to track my artistic journey over the next year.

The blog is designed to be a journal of each days creative outlet, whether it be a drawing, painting, or sculpture. I am hoping to start developing a body of work out of this project. The works are not meant to be complete or to be a master pieces, they can range from a piece of scrap paper to a canvas, they are merely an outlet for my thoughts and ideas. A constant creative experience.

Along this journey I would love for others to participate when they can or give feedback on my current ideas.

Fingers crossed this helps me feel like myself again.

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