Two Hundred Ninety-Four

It’s a bugs life….. well maybe. This started because I wanted to draw a cricket but at the time I got overwhelmed by the cricket, hence the incomplete bug at the top of the image. Naturally I chose a new bug, a beetle to be exact, which one? who knows, who cares to be quite honest. I just know that I enjoyed painting him. Maybe this is because of my recent run in with Lady Bugs. I don’t know where the come from but I always seem to have one in my house. Mind you its mid winter and approximately 20 degrees outside. A little concerning but that’s what Terminex is for! Enjoy and see you next time.

294 full image

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One thought on “Two Hundred Ninety-Four

  1. Barbara Johnson says:

    Hi Calla,

    Enjoyed this with the color shades and creatures instead of snow – snow – snow ! I always thought ladybugs were a good thing; the kids/grandkids all love them – so cute, etc. – do you know something bad about them???

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