Two Hundred and Eighty-Eight!

I have been making sketches of these tree rings for years now. It is almost like an obsession. I love the repetitive yet different experience you get with each new layer. The concept of it depicting the life of something has always intrigued me. This image is a mess, but I enjoy the bottom half. The cropped version of this image is what I enjoy the most. There is something about the washes on the bottom right that really draws me in, maybe it is in its simplicity.

288 full imageAbove Full version of Two Hundred and Eighty-Eight

288 croppedAbove cropped version of Eighty-Eight

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2 thoughts on “Two Hundred and Eighty-Eight!

  1. Barbara Johnson says:

    Hi Calla,

    Me, again. Sleepless night, as you can tell by the time. I really like this one, too. The unexpected touches of red gives it a touch of whimsy. The color washes are lovely on the bottom right; in any of your works have you done an image that has less details and is more of an emotional display done with color and color washes?? Just curious as I haven’t looked at all of you works. Again, so glad that you are letting your gift flow again – for yourself and for all of us lucky ones who get to see them! 🙂


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    • callagrace says:

      Hey Barbara, Thanks for the comment. As for your question, I have in the past done works more focused on emotion. For this particular challenge I cannot think of an example right off the bat. It’s harder for me with Paint. When I use graphite or charcoal I find it easier to express mood. Chat soon!

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