Two Hundred Twenty Eight

It’s been a week so far and its Wednesday. As some of you may know I’ve had a cold for like nearly a week now and it keeps evolving into different stages. The EVIL scratchy throat phase, that feels like a cougar tore it up for fun, the awkward unbalanced phase, where you can’t hear anything anyone says to you so you just shake and nod, the uncontrollable snot phase, where any sneeze may result in a fucking eruption of buggers (sorry its gross I know) and the current phase, Coughing Fits. Meaning, that I’ll think you’re grand, I’m fine just a sniffly nose and then the tickle comes and you know that in a matter of seconds a full blow coughing fit is about to follow. So you ungracefully excuse yourself from whatever situation your in; Driving your car while having an interesting phone conversation with your sister, discussing the obnoxious people you have to deal with at work all day or right in the middle of a somewhat serious conversation with your spouse about your future. Either way, BAM! its here and it will be for a few minutes, so accept it. Needless to say this has been my life for about 3 days now and since I am sick of having to excuse myself to go and die in the work bathroom, which at this point I’m sure people think a dying cow is living in there. So I just stop talking to people and start painting. This was the end result, 3 nights of just developing what initially was a hott mess. Now I can confidently say I am somewhat fond of this image. Yay me! My husband, who is wonderful and supportive, but had no idea what I was trying to do stated two things. His first response was, looks like a volcano. What? no no no. His second comment was, I like how it looks like layers or something. YES, that was one of the goals and he got it. I was happy that the color pallet was less rainbow-ish too, as that is a continuously obnoxious theme in my current works. Enjoy and see you next time.

photo 1

photo 3

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